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Professional Rights and Responsibilities
Carmella Lorusso, Chairperson
Lynne Todisco
Jennifer Keleman

Administrators may observe a teacher at their discretion regardless of the teacher’s evaluation phase.

We encourage everyone to go to the Human Resource Office and check your file. (Please call the office and give them notice that you will be coming.)

The Grievance Procedure

Whenever you are having an issue at your job the first thing you must do is have a conversation with the principal to try and remedy the problem. Please take notes and record the date. If after making this attempt you still have an issue please call the grievance office and then we can determine how to best help you. By contract the first step of the grievance process is your attempt to settle the problem with the principal.

  • A grievance can only be filed if there is a violation of our contract. A member who has questions concerning a violation should contact the Grievance Office immediately. Only a member of the Grievance Committee can determine if a grievance has occurred.
  • Once a violation of the contract has been discerned, there is a timeline spelled out under Article 3, Grievance Procedure.
  • Within 30 days of the violation, the paperwork must be filed.
  • A grievance form can be found at the BEA office.
  • We cannot accept faxed grievance forms


Progressive Discipline  for teachers states the following:

  • The principal may have a conversation with the teacher when a problem arises.
  • Should the same problem continue after the conversation, the principal may write a letter to the teacher.
  • In the event that the same problem continues without improvement, then the principal may write a letter to the teacher with a copy to the personnel file.
  • Should you receive a letter copied to your personnel file please call the BEA office immediately.
  • Know Your Contract...

Article XI…Section 11.2

Teacher Discipline  page 43… No teacher will be disciplined, reprimanded, suspended, dismissed, deprived of his professional advancement or given an adverse evaluation of his professional service without just cause.

Article VI. .Section 6.6.3

Personal Days page 20…Before taking this absence or making requests for absences of this nature, a teacher should bear in mind that his professional and moral responsibility is to be in the classroom. A teacher’s record of attendance will be considered as a determining factor in the approval or disapproval by the Principal.

*** For further explanation on this topic, Leaves of Absence, please refer to the other sections in this article. (Pages 18-24)

Article VII… Section 7.3.2b

Lunch Duty.. page 28…Elementary school teachers will not be assigned lunch duty.



Article X.. Section 10.6.2

Student Discipline... Page 42... …The Board further recognizes that the teacher may not fairly be expected to assume the full responsibility of students who are willfully and repeatedly disruptive….


For further details concerning all of these articles, please refer to your contract which may be found in your EMAIL Public Folders under the Human Resources tab.


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